PWAN Group is a leading Real Estate company. As a pioneer in the industry, it introduced multi-level marketing as a way of making affordable real estate available to lagosians as well as providing job opportunities and economic empowerment to thousands of people.

As the company grew in size and operations it became obvious that automation using technology was going to have to be introduced to improve efficiency. PWAN had developed a multi-level marketing network over five thousand strong and growing rapidly. Managing the multi-level relationships and commissions was slow and extremely error-prone. This resulted in angry customers and disgruntled network members. Bamtech was invited to study the organization and develop a custom solution to solve these problems.

Bamtech worked with PWAN Group to build an online and back office Multi-Level Marketing system for managing complex commission calculations as well as the membership system of the group. Bamtech has continued to work with the group till date to expand and maintain the system adding new features as requested.